What’s your exit strategy?

When the time comes for you to sell your business and take the next step, what’s your exit strategy? The thought of selling something you’ve worked so hard to build, your life’s work, can be daunting—but it’s inevitable. And still, many owners and founders enter this stage of their business feeling under-prepared, hoping for a […]

Does your Firm need a CFO?

Does your firm need a Chief Financial Officer? It’s time to gain better controls and better insight into the financial health of your business. It’s time to save time and money with data-driven decision making. That’s where the Thinc Strategy team steps in to help. Most large companies have a CFO on the payroll, but […]

How to Design Company Values that Last

The number one challenge we hear from clients most often, isn’t about financial modelling, growth strategies or cash flow; it’s about leading people well. Each individual employee brings their own strengths and complexities to the table. The natural intricacies of human beings, makes leadership challenging and requires purposeful care to do it well. Overlooking its […]

The Value Millennials bring to the Workplace

Millennials, like every other generation, are often tied to societal stereotypes. Without conscious thought, when the topic of millennials rises in conversation, so do the images of entitlement, always-on digital connectivity and the need for affirmation. While there are reasons behind generational stereotypes, individuals themselves cannot conclusively be defined by those labels alone. Millennials are […]

How To Build A Culture That Welcomes Failure

Failure is often a word whispered quietly down business halls. It is the act that employees and leadership strive most often to avoid. Yet, many business leaders are striving to change the perception of failure by embedding it into their organizational culture. Are you surprised? Probably, but consider what leaders of three national brands have […]

The Phases of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is hard. It’s never going to be an easy road. Whether you’re in the infant stages of building a business or in the midst of sustaining one, it’s essential to understand the evolving role of entrepreneurship. Here’s a look at the entrepreneurial journey and the five phases of entrepreneurship.