Companies for Sale

The following companies are high-lighted as available for sale. We have several firms across North America, particularly in the south and mid-atlantic regions.

Thinc also represents buyers looking throughout the United States.

If interested, please contact us to get started. We offer a complete list of business consulting services.  We provide valuation, due diligence, implementation, and coordination.

  • Civil/Surveying/Planning Firm

    North America — South Carolina

    Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Land Planning, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Consulting Firm with clients in Private Development Commercial, Residential and Municipal sectors. Approximately 35 employees. Revenue $5.9 million EBITDA $1.5 million

  • Environmental Engineering Consulting Firm

    North America — North Carolina

    High-quality, responsive environmental design firm with excellent reputation. Revenue $3.2 million EBITDA $1.1 million

  • Civil Engineering/Landscape Architecture/Planning Firm

    North America — North Carolina

    Well respected Landscape Architecture and Civil Design firm doing business in North and South Carolina. Revenue $6 million

  • Award Winning Architecture Firm

    North America — Charleston, SC

    Award winning design firm located in the heart of Charleston, SC serving a broad range of clients including education, government, healthcare, hospitality and mixed use. Revenue $2.5 million EBITDA $500,000

  • Architecture Firm

    North America — Charlotte, North Carolina

    Located in the heart of uptown Charlotte, NC this firm has a focus on superior design services that specializes in commercial, multi-family, single-family, and restaurant design.

  • Security Consulting Firm

    North America — Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

    Security Consulting and Design firm with brand name clients. Great Potential for growth with clients in architecture, commercial, healthcare, education and government sectors.

  • Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering Firm

    North America — Charlotte, NC

    Environmental assessment, construction materials testing and geotechnical engineering design firm with drone information collection technology. Excellent reputation, working in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Revenue $1.5 million EBITDA $500,000

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