Companies for Sale

The following companies are available for sale. If interested, please contact us to get started. We offer a complete list of business brokerage services, and perform the due diligence, implementation, and coordination required.

  • Architectural/Engineering Firm

    North America — North Carolina

    Firm provides Architecture, Interior Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services in North Carolina. The industries they serve include: higher education, campus athletics facilities and pools, intermodal passenger and vehicle maintenance facilities, government buildings, police and fire operations, parks and recreation, religious facilities, exhibits, museums, zoos and aquariums, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, medical office and laboratories.

  • Engineering Firm

    Asia — Bangalore, India

    Global technology and engineering solution provider. With strong process engineering and R&D competencies. This firm delivers projects for clients in the PET/polyester, LNG energy & environmental, fibers and petrochemical industries throughout the world.

  • Architecture Firm

    North America — Charlotte, North Carolina

    Firm specializes in providing Architecture, Interior Design, and Planning services to a clients in a broad range of industries, including city and county governments, healthcare, municipality, developers, and custom residential.

  • Interior Design Firm

    North America — North Carolina

    North Carolina-based firm that provides interior design services to commercial and healthcare clients, both local and national.

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